What to Expect

Actionable insights to help certified MyoStrain physicians optimize your care and protect your heart

Talk to your doctor

Consult with your doctor to see if MyoStrain is right for you. If so, obtain a referral to receive a MyoStrain scan.

Get your scan

Schedule an appointment with your desired Cardiac Prevention Center location to receive your MyoStrain scan: a fast, safe and needle-free heart scan performed on an MRI in under 10 minutes.

Know your MyoHealth™ Score

You will receive a MyoHealth™ Score, an accurate and quantified assessment of your heart function that may provide early insights into your heart health, and a full breakdown of your results from a MyoStrain-certified physician.

Understanding your MyoHealth™ Score

Your MyoHealth Score represents the percentage of your heart muscle that is functioning normally. This gives your MyoStrain-certified physician actionable information about your heart health.

Your MyoHealth progress can be tracked over time, helping your MyoStrain-certified physician accurately monitor changes in your heart health, determine the effectiveness of your treatment plan, and make proactive decisions to optimize your care.

Patient¹ undergoing cancer therapy while heart is being monitored and protected


At baseline, the patient's heart is healthy

Cardiotoxicity detected

During cancer therapy, cardiotoxicity is detected and heart health begins to decline (at risk)

Cardiotoxicity detected

Through MyoStrain early detection, physicians were able to proactively treat and care for the patient (return to healthy)

Download our patient brochure on the MyoStrain scan

[1] Guisca S, et al. Multiparametric Early Detection and Prediction of Cardiotoxicity Using Myocardial Strain, T1 and T2 Mapping, and Biochemical Markers: A Longitudinal Cardiac Resonance Imaging Study During 2 Years of Follow-Up. Circulation. 2021;14:e012459